Private Label scented soy candles provide an original, unique and personal way for you to promote your business. What better way to extend your name to many different areas that you otherwise wouldn’t reach?

If you are looking to build a brand for your company, we are here for you. We will work with your ideas, logo, packaging, etc. We can also help you create and customize your own candle line from scratch. We will help design a great product for you business, whether your business is a retail store, salon, restaurant, winery, etc. We also do Private Label for school fundraisers, weddings or a special event. We can Private Label for almost any occasion.

Private Label Soy Candles are a great promotional tool to hand out to prospective clients, a special company event, a grand opening for your store, or just a great Private Label line to sell to your customers and clients. What a way to get your name out there.

Our hand poured, high quality, heavily scented soy candles will be an asset to whatever venue you are considering. We work with you on every aspect of your creation. We can use your logo and business name for a Private Label or we can create one with you.

We are not the ordinary “Private Label” that many companies are offering to you. Most companies will work with on a label with you, and then attach it to one of their candles and voila…your Private Label. Not CBT Candle Los Angeles! When we say “We work with you on every aspect”, we mean it. We want your Private Label to not only be of the highest caliber but a product that you are proud to have your name on. Do you have a jar in mind? Do you have an idea of a scent or scents to use? Our scents are not only wonderfully fragrant; they are mesmerizing and highly addictive. Do you want to have a scent created for you or maybe you already have a scent you want to work with? We will work with you to achieve the final goal.

The final design will be put on the creation designed and then ship the finished product directly to you. You can then use them for sponsorship, promotions or even sell our soy candles in your store as your own line of Private Label 100% all Soy candles.

CBT Candle Los Angeles has only one thing in mind when it comes to Private Labeling…YOU! Our Private Label clients are very satisfied with not only our products, but with our creative labeling service. We are here to help you achieve your goal with our high quality soy candle products.

Simply email or call us to discuss your needs and how the best way to help you is. There are no hidden charges. You will purchase the candles at the wholesale price and your label will be applied to the candles you purchase. We will also put your label on the bottom of the candle so your customers can reorder directly from you. The final label used will be approved by you before final printing.

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