About Us

Welcome to CBT Candle Los Angeles!
 The home of the truly
"100% All Natural Hand-Poured Original Scented Soy Candle"
"Made specifically for you and the environment! "


We are very much UNLIKE most, if not all, of the other soybean candle companies out there. Not only are our candles made completely from 100% All Natural and hand-poured soybean wax, but our "Original" scents outshine and out smell all our competitors.


Made to Order

At CBT Candle Los Angeles, we take immense pride in every product that leaves our facility. Our “Made to Order” mentality shows that our customer’s satisfaction is first and foremost. Every candle is created specifically for you. Each individual candle is created completely by hand. We carefully monitor every aspect of its process, from inception to the final packaging. CBT Candle LA's great success is due to the high standards that we have instilled in ourselves to create the perfect product.

You can be guaranteed that when you receive your candles they are no more than a few days young. You choose the container and you choose the fragrance from our extensive list. We want to create an experience for each and every customer. We live up to our motto. Our candles are made specifically with you and the environment in mind.


Original Scents

What has made our candles most popular with our customers are our fragrances and fragrance combinations. Why the fragrances? Well, besides our fragrances having a strong throw, being long lasting and that we have quite a few wonderful combinations...all of our fragrances are personally blended and original. You will not find any company with our blends. Some companies might have the same fragrance names but not the same blends. We use natural essential oils and all organic ingredients when possible. For everything nature cannot provide we use safe alternatives. We do not use synthetic candle scents. Some of our customers have even asked for a personal blend for their candles.

So take a look at our wonderful fragrance list and if you don't see something that suits your needs, just ask. We would be happy to blend something special for you.

We have created special fragrance blends for quite a few of our clients in our Private Label program. If that is something you might be interested in, take a look at our Private label page.


100% All Natural

We are committed to using only the highest quality of ingredients. No additives go into our candles. 100% pure soybean wax (harvested in the USA), all natural cotton wicks with a natural vegetable coating, natural sustainable and organic ingredients when possible and for everything nature cannot provide, we use safe alternatives. These are the only ingredients that make up our Soy candles.


Not Just Any Candle

The combination of our “All Natural” ingredients and hand-crafted process ensures that our candles are not just any candles. Our candles burn cleaner, our original scents last longer and your satisfaction will just prove that we have a hit on our hands. They truly are among the finest candles you can buy.


We guarantee it!